Tanya Birl, Founder

I am a lover of light and all things joyful! I am a self professed seeker of clarity and truth and see creativity as each of our birthrights. Through my work as a yoga and meditation teacher, leader and facilitator, I help individuals open up to life allowing it to flow freely through them as a connection to all that is. Using movement, yoga, creative/spiritual connection and curiosity as a means to ground, source and embody the truth of who we are.

With over a decade long career as an actress, dancer and choreographer, I have come to find my voice as an artist and creative. Blurring the lines of performance I have found a deep reciprocal connection between artist and audience, teacher and student, being and environment. Finding the true collaborative approach to creating change within as well as in our communities. 

Throughout my life I have always heard the inquisitive voice of my 7 year old self. From a young age I have been passionate about asking questions and digging deeper into my own human potential. Through this work I am channelling my inner child who sees being creative as an opportunity to shift social consciousness and change the world through seeing the joint humanity in us all. As a mother of a preschooler and a certified scuba diver, I am obviously gusty and up for a challenge! "I see endless possibility in starting a conversation and seeing how asking the question alone will guide us closer to our collective selves."

What is trying to emerge in me? Why do I see the world the way that I do? How can I help change all of this injustice I see? Who am I?  Lets start a conversation!