About SoHumanity

Integrating joy, presence and a great sense of curiosity, SoHumanity's intention is to bring ideas beyond words and taught action, into direct connection. We create a safe space that motivates you to take an inner creative journey towards unlocking a remembering of who you are and where you want to go. 

We work with individuals who want to ask themselves the questions that live deep within, ultimately opening up to the YES of who they are. We are here to unite people who are pushing the envelope and creating new ways to look at themselves and those around them. This platform allows for a collaboration of minds and hearts and a way to explore our understanding of Who I Am.

In the yogic tradition, SoHum means 'I Am'. Individuality in unity. ONE.



Is this You?


In a career transition/ life change (So everyone!)

Looking for purpose and meaning in my life

Looking to dig deeper into my spiritual practice

Wanting to make a change in myself and the world

Curious and looking to expand who I am

Looking to unlock my creative potential

Searching for some peace of mind

Wanting to let go of the past and live in the Present


 Welcome to the SoHum Series!

This pilot program is a brand new three part integrative approach that incorporates the principals of Theory U (curiosity, compassion, courage). Each individual takes an inner creative journey that will bring them back to the wholeness of themselves and into connection with others.

Part I - The Question (Curiosity): A one-on-one in person session to creatively explore what question lies at the heart of who you are. Using creative inspiration, visualization, movement, yoga and a technique called "presencing", we begin to unravel the layers of who you are where you want to go. 

Part II - Embody the Question (Compassion): Personally exploring what it means to "live the question". With guidance, creating a practice that is your own. Embarking on a 40 day journey of ritual embodiment, we will stay connected with weekly check-in's.

Part III - Release the Question (Courage): A creative and engaging gathering of individuals who have all taken this journey of questioning and insight. Being moved to share, vision and allow what has manifested in you to be released out into the world and into connection. We will also collaborate on how SoHumanity can build upon this community and continue to provide support and connection causing a ripple effect of change as we each move forward on our journey and into the future.

There are 8 openings available for this introductory launch. If you are ready and willing to dig deep and explore, we would love to have you be one of the first to experience the SoHum series!

"Behind every problem there is a question. Behind every question there is an answer. Behind every answer there is an action and behind every action there is a way of life trying to be born."

- Michael Beckwith


The SoHum Student Workshops:

A safe and exciting space for the next generation to be curious and explore the full spectrum of the human experience. What makes us equally unique and unified? Theater and creative exploration has the capacity to cut straight to the core of of these questions. Equipping students with the guidance to navigate the pressures of society and how they may be viewed, but more importantly how they see themselves and the world around them. 

Workshop includes:

  • Meditation
  • Creating questions/interviewing peers
  • Spontaneous movement and collaborative choreography
  • Journaling and personal storytelling

Students will walk away with:

  • A deeper sense of connection with their innate wisdom and decrement. 
  • Compassion for others and for themselves
  • Knowing how to be still and be with themselves
  • Knowing how to connect to their intuition, knowing when to act and use their voice to communicate powerfully.