Chun Rosencrantz: Socially Sound

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I can sum up Chun Rosencrantz in one word... LOVE. I met Chun last year at a forth of July Party and we were immediately drawn to each others energy. He has lived quite a life. After serving a year in a Florida prison and loosing his best friend (who was serving for the same crime) to police brutality, Chun had a rude awakening to what goes on in the criminal justice system. He has dedicated his life to righting to wrongs that he witnessed. He is now a Bronx defender, and the founder for the I'll Be There Project. A non-profit dedicated to random acts of kindness. Chun received just that years ago from a friend who sent him the entire final book of the Harry Potter series, photocopied in small sections so that he could read while incarcerated. Love in action. 

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