Embodying Change in Our Society

Have a bright idea that will spark change and impact society? Need some guidance in getting it out and into the world? Through production and program development, we bring ideas beyond the vision space and into manifestation using “The 5 Steps to Weaving a Dream.”

Fun Fact: In numerology, 5 is the number of embodied completion.



What began with an inner circle of artists has now expanded to educators, triathletes, pastors, and former inmates who are using their experiences as fuel to make the world brighter. They are creating intersectional conversations to connect with themselves and others. Scroll through the library and join the conversation.


Stage Presence

With SoHumanity, Tanya has taken her years of experience as a Broadway performer and melded it with her love and passion for social justice. With a deep and grounded sense of presence and urgency, Tanya uses her voice to provoke curiosity, promote love and empower others to create change from standing in their own authentic light.

Engagements include:

When you are present, you are prepared.
— Tanya Birl-Torres

Tanya has been a guest speaker for “The Dream Unfinished”, an activist orchestra highlighting the under recognized works for artists of color. She was also invited to speak at The Dalton School (one of the most prestigious private schools in Manhattan) to speak for their Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Celebration. Recently Tanya was a guest speaker at the Feminism + Faith Rally which was in support of the Women's March in New York City where she spoke on these turbulent times. Later this year, she will give a co-keynote speech with revolutionary Educator Chris Emdin and founder of Hip-Hop Ed on the power of embodying the knowledge that we receive.