I've been journeying way back lately.  Realizing my growth upward is strongly tethered to something both wide and deep. Generations making their way through the dark in order for me to catch a glimpse of the light. Its time to stop and touch down. Touch hands, veined and intertwined. Hold on and give thanks and honor to the roots of this ever expanding tree. Stop and breath in, be still and witness a deep remembering.

I lay prostrate. Traveling from crimson red to ultra violet. Recognizing I am not the first to take this long and labored path. Through the fight, through the trauma, through the firey furnace of transformation to fully explode upwards. So many lost in a life of survival, lost in the struggle for change and acceptance, lost in the belly of it all, praying to be saved but devoured in the process. These roots have spread across the earth and still live to bear good fruit.

Processing... Metabolizing... Igniting... Shining.

I land in a field of green, vast and free. That is where we live. We meet there. Wide open space. Stretching out to a place where the sea disappears into the sky. They are skipping stones along the shore, one falling farther into the deep abyss than the one before. They stop and look at me.

 "We can hear you!" 

They hand me the heaviest stone and gaze upwards. I breath in, I feel my whole body as I release what feels like a weight too heavy for any one to carry alone. It soars past the furthest stone. Making its mark and then disappearing. We stand stretched out mimicking the horizon. They smile. I smile. Freedom.

See, this is where we started. This is where we always were. Its the remembering that brings me home and guides me to start the journey through the clouds and upwards into bright blue infinity.