Fear is maybe the most talked about thing in the world. We all have it, take comfort in it, fight with it and embrace it... 

Much like a mother.

Think about it, we all have one and take great comfort in them. We sometimes feel abandoned, smothered or controlled by them, but the truth of the matter is that they both exist and are fundemental to our growth as humans. 

I have spent a good part of my adult life trying to impress my fear, proving that I will be successful, happy and seen. Dispite it's attempts to protect me from anything that shows the slightest bit of risk or vulnerability, fear doesn't want me to get hurt or disappointed. I truly believe that it means well and is trying to serve its evolutionary function.

In  journeying with my fear,  I realize that this isn't far off from my relationship with my mother and my daughter. No mother wants to see their child get hurt, upset, knocked down or rejected. I now totally understand the job of the mama bear to protect at all costs. Since having this realization I have started to have a new type of conversation with my fear.  

"I know you want the best for me, but I have to step out on my own to grow". I'm letting go of being For Ever At Risk! Its about me not pushing it away and resenting it, but about softening instead of fighting and Finding Ease And Rest around it. I know that is the type of relationship I want with my mother, with my daughter and now with my fear. Seeing it as a great teacher who when properly understood will give room for my blossoming. In this space we both will be seen and transformed. Open to experience true reciprocity, love and growth. I will aspire to this at all cost and hopefully in the end build a relationship that is build on mutual understanding.



Can you think of an acronym for fear that describes your relationship with it?