A Moment of Yoga and Reflection Amid the Chaos

In the wake of the inauguration and women's marches around the globe, we are in a deep moment of momentum and build up towards collective action. We have often felt this as anxiety to make a difference and a panic to fix things quickly.

“What do I need to allow to die/heal in order to move towards wise action?

SoHumanity is pairing up again with Rachel Sinha of The Systems studio to bring together our different backgrounds in order to further the discussion of how we can make lasting change is ourselves and the world. We are expanding on our last event of "I Am" which aimed to spark curiosity and explore the tensions that we feel at this moment in history (the first step in Theory U). For this gathering we look to move into the second step in theory U which explores compassion, embodiment and practice (Sadhana). This will be an intimate guided yoga class and discussion. We are not looking for rockstar yogis here, the most important thing is that people come with an open mind and open heart. All levels of experience are welcome!

"Sometimes you have to change your posture before you can change your mind!" 

There will be space for reflection, journaling and conversation after the practice. As well as the introduction of tools that will help navigate your own process. 

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