There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ~Edith Wharton

Ive been reflecting lately on the power of being a mirror for someone. To stand witness to who they are and be that refection so that they can fully see themselves. The deeper we go in the exploration of why we are here, the clearer the reflection gets.  I have found that I'm finding my refection less and less in images, in magazines, on screen, on tv. I used to be a perfect mirror for all of these things but those mirrors are cracked and my true self is emerging. I think of the powerful moment in The Lion King when Simba looks into the water next to Rafeki and he cant seem to find his reflection. Rafeki tells him to look deeper and he begins to see the true refection of who he is what he will become. "He Lives in you, He Lives in me, He watches over everything we see. Into the waters, into the truth in your refection, He lives in you". What a profound truth! We all need a Rafiki in our lives. One of my resoluations is to be that refection, that remembering for as many people as I can this year.

I recently had a friend be that mirror for me. We were sittng over coffee and I was explaining to her how I was feeling a bit lost and without purpose and she refected to me something that I had said over 10 years ago. That as a dancer I hated getting stuck in my head and the analizing of the process, I just wanted to perform, be present and in the moment on stage. She said to me, "Tanya, it seems to me what you thought you wanted for the stage, but you actually want to encompass that presence in your entire life! I would call that a purpose!" Well, I left that coffee feeling a renewed sense of self and a confidence to continue to explore and dive deeper. That moment was a gift. The best mirror moments are when you can connect with someone else and in that moment the depth of your true being is remembered and revealed. We are reflections of each other, we are one. True compassion at work. SO HUM. 

What are you refecting to those around you? How can you help someone remember who they are?