Post Election Convening


“How might we build the compassion and courage to make our highest contribution, at this moment in history?”. This is the question we are convening around for a special event in Chelsea, NYC in January 2017.   

I am so excited to be joining forces with the incomporable Rachel Sinha (The Systems Studio), social innovator and bright creative mind as well as mother to one of my daughter's nursery school friends, to host "I Am" , an intimate gathering for our very different networks to explore the tensions that the 2016 US election has stirred up.

We are bringing together the curious from The Broadway, Mindfulness, Systems Change, and Social Innovation communities from across New York to inspire and to help them cultivate the courage to act from wherever we are sitting within the system.

Our theory of change follows Theory U which talks about the need to develop curiosity, compassion and finally courage at times of disruption like this. That embodying the change we want to bring about in the world is an important step, before we act. 

The event will center around a series of tensions including 'celebrating progress' to 'smug progressives', 'Compassion' to 'Activism' and will explore 'who am I to act?'.  

This is a pilot. If it's successful we plan to roll it out on the East and West coasts.  Photos and Details to follow... Stay Tuned!

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