Seeds of Time


It has been a season of sewing in my life. Seeds are falling on rich, fertile ground. Its an exciting time, its an expectant time, but at the same time, I have absolutely no control over time.

Time has been a reoccurring theme lately. It's precious, sacred and worth more than gold in todays fast paced world. It speeds up and takes forever all in a moment.

Like the spiraling ascent of a small seedling finding its way to the light. Time is not linear but rather moves like sound waves whirling in and out of our grasp.

These seeds that are being so deliberately planted by God seem like they have taken forever to birth and also are manifesting so fast. I have no control over what they will become. Grounded in groundlessness. A blade of grass? An oak tree, a dandelion? I have no control over what these seeds will produce. Only a commitment to maintain the soil and care for it's environment the best that I can.

Being out of control, out of time is the beginning of rooting myself in the deepest knowing of my growth.

What will become of this seed? Only time will tell.