Son & Seed



I have been meditating lately on the qualities of a father. A responsibility that transcends gender and looks deeper into the make up of a sacred calling.

When I think about my dad, I smile. He is Fun, silly, supportive and strong. A real light for my family growing up. Time after time he would patiently watch and guide us
while we tried new things like riding a bike, learning how to swim or taking our first nervous steps on stage. He was there as our biggest champion leading by example, showing off his wheelies, jackknifes and special dance moves. He would beam with pride at our accomplishments but be equally intense when we needed guidance and correction. He fed our growing interests in life and poured all of his time and energy into supporting our family as we continued to grow.

I can't help but compare him to the Sun. Joyous, strong, powerful and a true agent for growth and change. Johanna ( my yoga teacher) said something in class one day that stuck with me. "The tension that we feel in life is only the sun trying to reach the seed."

If we think about it, the sun, in all of its solar and energetic power is the ultimate agent for change. Transforming something small and seemingly invisible beneath the earth into being. The struggle and tension that a seed must feel in order to break the surface and grow into its most beautiful and purposeful form is a metaphor for all of us in our

A man is first a son before becoming a father. The son (or father) has the ability to nurture his own seed (or child) to crack the surface and blossom into their fullest and most radiant potential.

Be it a natural or spiritual father figure we all can recall someone who possess the glorious qualities of the sun in our lives.

I have the pleasure of seeing my husband Wilson on his continued journey as a son and now a father. I honor him and the undeniable pride and love that he shines down on our daughter Noemi as she grows into her most glorious light. What a gift the Son is to all of us.