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Back Body Leadership

What I am coming to learn about back body leadership is that it is a remembering of what women do best. A strong and supported back with an open and often vulnerable front. A strong back signifies a quiet holding power. A power that will secure the safety of a space, of self and of others at all costs while modeling what true presence and openness looks like.

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A Dancing Priest

Now I can say that I have entered the flow. It's doesn't mean that it's easy, but it does mean that I feel as if I am in constant communion with the divine. Like water, my life shape shifts and moves in many directions, but the more space I allow to be created, the more my cup expands and the more the spirit has room to MOVE!

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The Art of Presence

Don't you love it when someone says to you "just relax and go with the flow", like it's the easiest and most natural thing to do? In today's fast paced society, going with the flow is the exact opposite of our first reaction to change or discomfort, but its crucial.

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